The Dollfie Curse!

so I’ve gotten back into Dollfies! Thanks to Amara (applebom) I heard there was a Illiya Mini Dollfie from Volks, but she was a lottery ticket item back in March

She’s so cute!! >.< Illiya is my fav Fate Stay Night character. But she is not avalible anymore DX

So i am going to make my own to look like her.

And I found this cute little outfit for Mini DD

So i’m going to do what applebom did, just  get the pieces piece by piece. After I pay off $60 from my friend, I’ll start saving up!

And with update for october, i decided just to do the picture I have been working on for the month. I’m half way done, the update will probely be done today or tomarrow.

Hiyori Tamura: Gym Uniform ver.

guess which girl doujin artist is becoming a 1/4 scale lucky star girl?

Hiyori Tamura!!

Good Smile company has annouced the 8th lucky star girl in the Gym Uniform 1/4 scale figure line!

Now I’m super excited about this because Hiyori is my absulte favorite lucky star girl! I like how they put her hair in a pony tail, I think the Konata Izumi gym uniform figure would have looked nice with a pony tail to.

Product Details
  • Product Name Hiyori Tamura: Gym Uniform ver. (たむらひより たいそうふくver.)
  • Series Lucky Star
  • Manufacturer FREEing
  • Category PVC
  • Price 14800円 (including tax)
  • Release Date 2011/01
  • Specifications Painted 1/4th scale PVC figure. Approximately 200mm in height
  • Distributed by Good Smile Company
  • Sculpting/Production/Released by FREEing

can’t  wait!! >.<

*Update for September*


Hello everyone! 😉 so i decided to do an update every month, and do a picture (like that) of me! so basically i paint on a picture of Konaka Konoe….. yeah im like terrible at Paint as you know…

So school is starting (yesh im still in school….) anyway i caught a bad flu and missed alot of school so now i have a moutain of homework..^^;

The decision of getting a dollfie is kinda, well not going the right way. i may just get one of the ‘ready made’ ones, not go done to the volks store. very sorry though!

But i guess I’m sorta trading the definite decision of a dollfie for christmas for some Negima!? goodies ^^; but it’s stuff like cds and the little pactio cards and tons of the little figures.

Yes, I’m one of thoose people who always change there mind. ^^:

So other news is that I  have a deviant art gallery thing and you should check it out!

it’s got lots of my art work, and there just pictures them because my printer can’t scan them to my laptop.

that’s the update  for September! turn in for October update!

Mio Akiyama Moe Moe figure review

My Mio Akiyama figure has finally arivved!

a few of the fancy box

This is the stand. You may not be able to see it but it has some sparkle to it. Unique design for a figure stand though.

Her nails are painted to! It’s a sort of plum color, good details on the figure.

Good details on the shoes to!

Again sorry for the blurry pics! Anyway I have something to show you! XD

So I watch the anime Negima!? the second one, not the first. So this is one of my first Paint pictures, it really really sucks. im a frist timer.

I got a picture of Hiyori Tamura from Lucky Star, and used paint to turn her into Akira Okochi! I’d have to say Hiyori is more Chisame Hasegawa than Akira. But Akira is my fav negima girl and Hiyori is my favorite to so ya.

Mio Akiyama “Moe Moe Kyun!”

Hey guys! So as some K-ON! fans may know, there’s a new Mio Akiyama Maid PVC figure out for pre-order!

I got theese pics from Hobby Search. I wonder what her stand will look like. I doubt it will be wood like in theese pictures.

Love the shoes and socks!! ❤ heres a clip of were this figure comes from.

“Moe Moe, Kyun!” Here’s another! Love Yui and Ritsu in this!!

Back to the figure.

 There is a Limited Edition but it’s not that cute or whatever. Her eyes are closed and it’s some first come first serve thing. This is way better so if i were you, don’t try to get your hands on the limited edition.

I pre-ordered mine a bit ago. I can’t wait!!!! X3

Hiyori and Emiri’s day out

hey sorry I have’nt posted in a while but I’ve been working on a super awesome art project that will be up tomarrow!!

Now it’s not really a day out in the city for them, just exploring my newly extended backyard!

Poor Hiyori fell off the wall! At least it’s not that high up.

While Tamura-san recovers, lets take some pictures of Emiri!

She looks like a mode!! X)

Now Hiyori’s turn! 🙂

She climbed on the fence! It was very cold out there but it  got warmer as the sun came out.

Was'nt too high up there.

"Hi Kiki!"

She sees my dog that was running around the area. Is’nt she pretty?

Here’s the last picture!

Sorry the pics are really blurry on the figures. I’m planning on getting a new camera next Saturday. It’s a Fujifilm FinePix 12.OMP

Does’nt it look cool? Have you had or still have this camera? Was it a good digital camera?

If you have ever owned or still do, or know someone who has it. Comment on what you think of the camera. 🙂

Where’s a Dollfie Yoko?!

okay so I’m sorta in the dollfie scene now,^^; I want a Dream Dollfie Yoko more than anything!

Yes she is about 66,500 yen but thats not stopping me, it’s that I can’t find her anywhere!!!

I know that she’s on Volks USA but it says pre-order, orders with be sent September 2008. Anyone see a problem here? Now I’m getting her around Christmas,(cause that’s when I’ll have the money) and I’m just still worrying about it.

I may try Volk’s store in L.A and see if they just have her there. But if anyone knows where to find her, please tell me!!

Miku Hatsune Vocaloid Sega Premium Figure

a nice front view


Lost Things

Im working on a artwork project for the blog so I though I’d use pictures from Lucky Star! But I can’t find the 2nd one. You see my headbored for my bed is like shelf sorta thing and i put books on top of it and the space between it and the wall are like just the right amount for a Lucky Star manga to fall through. Thats what happened last time when I lost the 1st one. It was crazy hard too get it out.

                I’m cleaning up my room today so maybe I’ll find it. I’m hopeing that it’s with some old things that I piled up a week or two ago. But even if I do find it and draw some I won’t be able to take pictures because my camera is really a video camera. This other camera though is really good but it only uploads to the printer now. The cord just stopped working so it what I do, I put the sim card in the printer and then it uploads to the Mac. But the Mac is being fixed so I only have my Acer laptop.

Updates + Pani Poni Dash figures!!

hey guys im gona post a room post soon. probely tomarrow when i get to cleaning up my room. im cleani ng now because my cousins are coming the next day!!

     Anyway im saving up for a collection of Pani Poni Dash figures from Hobby Search (or 1999)!!! here it is cheack it out :3 I really like the beach collection because it comes with my favorite character, Miss no.6!!! My blog was recetly named that but i changed it. it just didnt work. Its $45 which is a good price when 5 figures are inclosed. My favorite is Sayaka because she is’nt too sexy. Becky really is’nt, the other girl in pink is’nt, himecko kinda because of her shorts anx shirt, and Rei is WAY too sexy for my taste. The swim suite is just like no thank you!!

                              Well my cosplay for AX has’nt come yet but i think it’ll be here on the 21st. Before I order the pani poni dash figures from 1999 I wana try to find it at AX. I can’t wait for you guys to see my cosplay!!! It’ll be soo awesome!! I’m also waitin for manga from Amazon and some cool dolls i found. When I go to Anime Expo there will bee TONS, more posts. TONS more reviews!!!!! TONS MORE UPDATES!!!

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