Lost Things

Im working on a artwork project for the blog so I though I’d use pictures from Lucky Star! But I can’t find the 2nd one. You see my headbored for my bed is like shelf sorta thing and i put books on top of it and the space between it and the wall are like just the right amount for a Lucky Star manga to fall through. Thats what happened last time when I lost the 1st one. It was crazy hard too get it out.

                I’m cleaning up my room today so maybe I’ll find it. I’m hopeing that it’s with some old things that I piled up a week or two ago. But even if I do find it and draw some I won’t be able to take pictures because my camera is really a video camera. This other camera though is really good but it only uploads to the printer now. The cord just stopped working so it what I do, I put the sim card in the printer and then it uploads to the Mac. But the Mac is being fixed so I only have my Acer laptop.


Updates + Pani Poni Dash figures!!

hey guys im gona post a room post soon. probely tomarrow when i get to cleaning up my room. im cleani ng now because my cousins are coming the next day!!

     Anyway im saving up for a collection of Pani Poni Dash figures from Hobby Search (or 1999)!!!http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10050754 here it is cheack it out :3 I really like the beach collection because it comes with my favorite character, Miss no.6!!! My blog was recetly named that but i changed it. it just didnt work. Its $45 which is a good price when 5 figures are inclosed. My favorite is Sayaka because she is’nt too sexy. Becky really is’nt, the other girl in pink is’nt, himecko kinda because of her shorts anx shirt, and Rei is WAY too sexy for my taste. The swim suite is just like no thank you!!

                              Well my cosplay for AX has’nt come yet but i think it’ll be here on the 21st. Before I order the pani poni dash figures from 1999 I wana try to find it at AX. I can’t wait for you guys to see my cosplay!!! It’ll be soo awesome!! I’m also waitin for manga from Amazon and some cool dolls i found. When I go to Anime Expo there will bee TONS, more posts. TONS more reviews!!!!! TONS MORE UPDATES!!!

Anime Expo!!! :3

So as you otaku have heard Anime Expo is coming up!! I’ve got 4-day tickets but im only  going two days, Thursday and Saturday. Because I live an hour away and I have lots of pets so i can’t get a hotel there an it probely too late.

     Anyway im cosplay as none other than Tsurya!! I’m gona wear her festival maid outfit and i got a wig not in green but blue. I need blue for something else im doing and blue was close enough so i got blue. i would post pics of it but its not here yet. But I promise i will when it gwets here!!

     Anyone who does’nt know what Anime Expo is here’s what it is. It’s basicaly an expo with anime stuff. This is my first time but I know someone who has gone. There are other things to do other than shop, theres cocerts, guest voice actresses, manga writers, panels. All most like a convention.

    Hoep to find lots of goodies!!!! 😀 The convention is in L.A California. At the Los Angeles Convention Center. Shuttle buses are avalible.

    If  you go have fun!!!