Anime Expo!!! :3

So as you otaku have heard Anime Expo is coming up!! I’ve got 4-day tickets but im only  going two days, Thursday and Saturday. Because I live an hour away and I have lots of pets so i can’t get a hotel there an it probely too late.

     Anyway im cosplay as none other than Tsurya!! I’m gona wear her festival maid outfit and i got a wig not in green but blue. I need blue for something else im doing and blue was close enough so i got blue. i would post pics of it but its not here yet. But I promise i will when it gwets here!!

     Anyone who does’nt know what Anime Expo is here’s what it is. It’s basicaly an expo with anime stuff. This is my first time but I know someone who has gone. There are other things to do other than shop, theres cocerts, guest voice actresses, manga writers, panels. All most like a convention.

    Hoep to find lots of goodies!!!! 😀 The convention is in L.A California. At the Los Angeles Convention Center. Shuttle buses are avalible.

    If  you go have fun!!!


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