Lost Things

Im working on a artwork project for the blog so I though I’d use pictures from Lucky Star! But I can’t find the 2nd one. You see my headbored for my bed is like shelf sorta thing and i put books on top of it and the space between it and the wall are like just the right amount for a Lucky Star manga to fall through. Thats what happened last time when I lost the 1st one. It was crazy hard too get it out.

                I’m cleaning up my room today so maybe I’ll find it. I’m hopeing that it’s with some old things that I piled up a week or two ago. But even if I do find it and draw some I won’t be able to take pictures because my camera is really a video camera. This other camera though is really good but it only uploads to the printer now. The cord just stopped working so it what I do, I put the sim card in the printer and then it uploads to the Mac. But the Mac is being fixed so I only have my Acer laptop.


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