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Hello world! first of call me Yuki :), i am a girl otaku.

I started collecting figures early 2010. My first figure was a Mikuru Asahina Battle waitress version by figma. Now I like nedoroids and just plain PVC figures too.

I’m currently making my very own Mahora Academy uniform!!! i can’t wait to see how it turns out!

btw im a toatlly Negima!? fan girl! i like the second anime better than the first.

I live in sunny california but wish i lived in Oregon. Don’t make to much money, so don’t expect a new review everyday. Especially when I’m buying Azone dolls, or big shipments.

So mostly there will be art posts. But they won’t be draw on paint or whatever, because I suck at paint. So I’ll just take pictures of my drawing/paintings.

thnx! tsuruyasanblog


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  1. applebom
    Sep 26, 2010 @ 12:05:42

    huh. i live in washington.


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